Buck's Ice Cream, official ice cream of the Missouri Tigers

About Us

Although the origin of ice cream is obscured by legend, people have been making this sweetest of treats for centuries.

For a time, ice cream was so prized that jealous monarchs tried in vain to keep the combination of flavored milk, ice and air a secret so that they alone could enjoy this frozen treasure, and even after the secret was out, only the wealthy could usually afford it.

But thankfully for the rest of us times have changed, and Buck's Ice Cream Place is here to provide Premium Quality Ice Cream to students, alumni, University employees and friends of the University.

Wendell and Ruth Arbuckle

Wendell Arbuckle Ruth Arbuckle

After retiring from rewarding careers in the ice cream industry, MU graduates Wendell and Ruth Arbuckle wanted to return something of value to MU.

In 1987, they established an endowment to support ice cream research on the MU campus and in 1989, Buck's Ice Cream Place opened for business.

Shown far left: Wendell Arbuckle, Ph.D. Shown left: Ruth Arbuckle with grandson Jay Arbuckle.

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Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall, Ph.D., was named as the first Arbuckle Professor for Ice Cream Research.

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A Research, Teaching and Service-Oriented Laboratory

But Buck's Ice Cream Place is just the most visible part of the total program. Behind the cheery store front is an integrated research, teaching and service-oriented laboratory where students learn everything about ice cream from maintenance and inventory to manufacturing and retail.

The perfect combination of the Arbuckle's generosity, the students' hard work and the direction of dedicated ice cream veterans gives us all at least 15 more delicious reasons to be proud of our University.